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                                    7-Day Journey

Beloved, both new and those from every lifetime,

I am sharing with you a 7-day course of "poetic medicine" from my "Apothecary of Found Objects."
I don't know what you need to shrink, enlarge, close, open, bring light to, let rest, finally, let rest, or let go. Maybe it's an acceptance of a thing. I dunno. All I know is that there are things, material objects that still vibrate love. Discarded? Yes. Unusable? No.

This may not be cure, but I know for sure, it will get you closer to the heart of the matter. Because, well...that's what it's about, right? The heart of the matter. Matter has a heart. Okay, metamateriality, and transforming the qualities and the states of matter another time. Mostly, I insist on being in creation with you.
I insist on sharing my magic with you.

I love you, love something about you, or felt at the center of you, a love. Let us continue to be in creation together.

Bring your thing, your word, your feeling, your inquiry, your wish to mind, then make the found objects shed a random light onto/into it. One-a-day for 7-days. 7 different ways of looking at it. 7 different perspectives? 7 metaphors? Yes! Make them "mean" something. They don't just get to take up space in your space. They must mean something. Insist on it. 7-days' journey starting now and going into the new year or start in the new year, maybe. 7 days writing. 7 days meditating. 7 days burying it. 7 days singing it. 7 days poeting it. 7 days laughing at it. Really laughing at it. 7 days sitting with it. 7 days. See who it brings to mind. Hold it in your hands? Yes. Put it on your nightstand. Your altar? Perhaps.

A 7-day candle? You got one? Then, yes, light it. I invite you to just know that these objects are connected to the thing on your mind. You just have to remember how. Begin.

That's all.

Enjoy your journey.

I love you.


PS. Let me know you received it.

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