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Imagine all of the creative, prophetic, social justice and joywork that could get done, if the money was there. Want to see an idea for church, an artspace, a creative or spiritual gathering, a specific art piece, event or installation come to fruition? Your well wishes and prayers help, but your sowing financially into this life's work of telling our stories, and trusting my spin on the stories, publicly, could transform the ideas from "amazing thoughts" to "amazing deeds."

Who said, "I freed a million ideas. I could have freed a million more if only they knew how to be funded." Oh yeah. I said it.

The ushers are now making their way down the aisles with baskets for tithes and offering and virtual collection plates. Please give generously.


#CashApp Collection Plate: $MarvinKWhite


#VenMo Collection Plate: @MarvinKWhite


#PayPal Collection Plate:

Contact me for other resources and gifts and other ways to support.

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Marvin K. White (b. 1966)

The Tea Shirt: Confit 2012

Photograph Transfer on T-Shirt

Marvin K. White (b. 1966)

The Tea Shirt: Genuflection 2012

Photograph Transfer on T-Shirt

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